Frequently asked questions

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Ordering and delivery

Where do you deliver?

We offer home delivery to suburbs within a 10km radius of our Rosebery store location.


This area covers most of Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Botany Bay and Lower North Shore. If you’re unsure if we deliver to your area please call us on (02) 9693 5307 or leave us a message on our contact form here.


We’ll often make deliveries outside our regular shipping zones by prior arrangement – including to the wider Sydney Metro area, South Coast, Central Coast and Canberra. If you’d like to place an order for these areas please call us (02) 9693 5307.


Check out our delivery page for more details

What is ‘free-range’?

For Kingsmore Meats’ suppliers, ‘free-range’ means that the animals have access to open air, and to open outdoor space. In the case of cattle, sheep and pigs, and many chicken suppliers, this also means that the animals live and eat on pasture.

Do you sell organic meat?

All our produce is free-range, and free of hormones and antibiotics, unless otherwise stated. Some, but not all, of our produce is also certified organic. Our priority is to the humane treatment of animals and to natural farming practices.